Auto batteries are one of the most important components in your vehicle. Without one, nothing on the car will work. A properly charged battery cranks the engine over at start-up and keeps all accessories and lights working, sometimes even when your car engine is off.

When should my battery be replaced?

Batteries that are more than 3 years old should be tested and may need to be replaced. If you know the lights or accessories have frequently been left on for long intervals or overnight, you can be sure the life of your battery has been shortened. The same is probably true if it has been exposed to temperature extremes. In Twin Falls we have summer days in the 100 degree range and in winter time the temperature can drop to well below freezing. These hot and cold days shorten your car’s battery operating life. A Dodge truck battery will be very important when it has a diesel engine that is trying to start when the weather is causing 20 degree temperatures.

How do I know if my battery is bad?

Another way to evaluate auto batteries is with a charging and starting diagnosis service. This ensures that each electrical system component is working correctly. Nothing is more frustrating than having a defective alternator cause your battery to fail, leaving you to pay for replacing two parts instead of one. What we mean by this is that many folks will buy a new battery when their car won’t start. But the problem may be a bad alternator that is not charging the battery, which makes it seem like the cause.

One other important note about batteries that need replacement. Many new cars and trucks require replacement methods that will not affect the programing of electronics. The days of being able to change your own battery have become problematic for some vehicles. The cost to reprogram is much more than the cost to have your mechanic at Palmer’s Automotive replace your battery.

Palmer’s Automotive Repair has ASE Certified technicians who are trained in testing and diagnosis of auto batteries and can quickly pinpoint any electrical or electronics problem. With over 28 years of experience, we work on your car to keep your car working for you.

If you can’t remember how old your auto battery is, stop by or call to schedule a battery test appointment. Let us see if you have a problem that can be fixed before you have to deal with an unexpected breakdown.

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