Auto Maintenance Services

Twin Falls Maintenance Services We Provide at Palmer’s Automotive Repair:

Palmer's Auto ShopAir Filter
Air Conditioning Service
Brake Fluid Flush
Cooling System Flush
Drive & V-belt Replacement
Engine Spark Plug and Tune-up
Fuel System Cleaning
Fuel Filter Service
Radiator Hoses and Heater Hoses
Heating System Diagnosis
Steering and Drivetrain Lubrication
OEM Factory Recommended Scheduled Maintenance
Oil Change and Filter Service
Power Steering Flush
Preventive Maintenance
Timing Belt Replacement
Transmission Flush
Wiper Blade Replacement

Auto maintenance services can help keep your auto repair costs to a minimum. If we can provide you with more information please Call us (208) 735-8810 or Email questions to us with our Contact Us form.

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