Most cars and pick-up trucks have had some degree of automotive diagnostic capabilities to allow monitoring of many major automotive systems on vehicles since the mid 1980’s.

By 1996, Federal Government requirements were that every new automobile would have an automotive diagnostic system in place capable of warning drivers that their vehicle might be producing excessive emissions beyond the level allowable from the manufacturer. These monitoring systems, called “on board diagnostics,” were designed to detect problems and alert owners that a weak or failing part needed evaluation at a repair shop before additional damage resulted.

On today’s vehicles, there are automotive diagnostic systems in place to monitor the network of computers and electronically-controlled components for:

  • Cooling systems
  • Transmissions
  • Anti-lock brakes
  • Power steering
  • Air conditioning
  • Fuel injection

Other systems included in the list are those that monitor light bulbs for failure, seat heater temperatures, tire inflation pressures, and navigation and radio systems. Then, when something unusual is detected, a dash message or warning light will be displayed to alert the driver.

Sometimes a warning message or light fails to display even when a vehicle has a problem. Let’s say, for example, that a vehicle’s engine isn’t running as it should but no fault code is set in the computer. This situation requires that driveability diagnostics be performed to pinpoint the problem.

As technology on today’s vehicles advances and repair and maintenance becomes more and more sophisticated, you can see why the days of the backyard mechanic are virtually gone. It takes experienced technicians with specialized training in automotive diagnostic procedures to find and repair problems in the complex, electronically-controlled automotive systems.

At Palmer’s Automotive Repair, our ASE Certified technicians are trained in automotive diagnostic procedures. With over 28 years of experience, you can be confident we have the skill and tools necessary to diagnose electrical or electronics problem and fix them to keep you on the road.

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