Everyone knows how critical brakes are to allow safe operation of any vehicle, and the anti-lock brake system on today’s car is one of the best means of protection available to drivers.

Twin Falls drivers will encounter dirt and gravel roads all around Twin Falls County. Most Idahoans love to go fishing, camping and hiking in the mountains. These roads can be very hard on brake systems. It doesn’t matter if you’re driving a Ford pickup or a Chevrolet car, we repair all brake systems. Brake pad replacements, brake rotor turns and anti-lock brake repairs are very common jobs at Palmer’s Automotive Repair.

All brake components operate in dirty conditions and under extreme pressure and temperature. Brake repair using quality parts and following specific repair procedures is crucial to allow drivers to safely stop in all types of situations. It is especially important that the manufacturer’s brake repair procedures are carefully followed in repairing today’s technically advanced anti-lock brake systems.

Brakes that pulsate or squeal when the brake pedal is applied is more than annoying. These problems can indicate a failure may be about to happen. If your brakes are causing noise or vibration, don’t delay in getting an inspection done. At Palmer’s Automotive Repair, our ASE Certified technicians are trained in automotive brake repair and have the necessary tools to pinpoint problems quickly. With over 28 years of experience, we’ll work on your car to keep your car working for you.

Call for an appointment or stop by when your vehicle’s brakes start to pulsate or squeal. Let us find the problem and correct it before you have to deal with an unexpected breakdown.

Disc Brake Rotor and Caliper

Benefits of Palmer’s Automotive Repair service:

  • Napa Certified Auto Repair
  • Napa Auto Care Center
  • Master ASE Certified Technician
  • 24 month / 24,000 Mile National Warranty
  • Conveniently Located in Central Twin Falls
  • Shuttle Service Available
  • Accepted by Most Extended Warranty Providers

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