When you slide into your vehicle, turn the key, and hear that instant hum of the engine, you know the charging and starting system is working as designed. You rely on the electrical system to power all electronic computers, electrical components and accessories in your car, truck or SUV.

When the engine is running, the serpentine belt transfers mechanical energy from the engine to the alternator where it is converted to electrical energy. Then, the alternator makes this electrical power available to operate all the electronic devices in your vehicle. It’s also the alternator’s job to reserve enough energy to recharge the battery after the starter has pulled hundreds of amps from it to crank the engine over.

If the serpentine belt, its supporting pulleys, or its tensioner are worn or failing, they directly affect the alternator’s ability to fully charge the battery and power the car’s electronics. If the battery is not properly charged, the starter may not crank the engine over the next time you try to start your car and can cause damage to the starter motor.

Charging and starting system components need clean and tight alternator wiring and battery cable connections to function correctly. And since the starter motor uses two-to-three times as much amperage as the alternator, it is essential that it have clean, tight connections. Without them, the starter motor will draw excess amperage which can overheat and shorten its life.

The battery, alternator, and starter all rely on each other to function correctly. Weakness or faulty connections in any of these three can prevent your vehicle from starting and leave you stranded. Charging and starting system diagnostics can pinpoint these weaknesses so they can be corrected before a failure happens.

Here at Palmer’s Automotive Repair our ASE Certified technicians are trained in charging and starting system diagnosis. With over 28 years of experience, we have the tools and skill to quickly pinpoint and repair your problems to keep your car working for you.

Call for an appointment or stop by when your vehicle begins to act up. Let us find the problem and fix it before you have to deal with an unexpected breakdown.

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