When pick-up trucks, SUV’s and some import vehicles are in need of clutch replacement, it can be a pricy repair to have done. If you keep reading, you’ll find some ways to save money and get a quality repair if you suspect you are in need of clutch repair service.

When you are in need of clutch replacement, here are some of the main symptoms you may experience:

  • Clutch pedal is weak and “falls” to the floor
  • Clutch pedal is stiff and difficult to push
  • Clutch chatter or shudder while letting out the clutch
  • Transmission is hard to get into gear, doesn’t shift correctly, or makes “grinding” noise
  • Clutch slippage with acceleration

The symptoms of hard transmission shifting, shudder, or slippage can usually be traced to internal parts like the clutch pressure plate or clutch disc being worn. Replacing the worn component will correct this problem. Remember, the pilot bearing and throw out bearing should always be replaced with this type of clutch replacement repair and both bearings are usually found in most clutch kits.

Clutch pedal symptoms are often because of master cylinder or slave cylinder failure that results in internal or external fluid leakage. When symptoms signal clutch repair is in order, the appropriate fix is a new master and/or slave cylinder. Experienced technicians will also check the hydraulic lines since a break or rupture there can be the source of leakage rather than the cylinders.

Sometimes clutch replacement is more expensive on one vehicle than another. This has to do with the amount of labor time needed to remove and replace the clutch components. Generally speaking, it is four-wheel drive pick-ups and SUV’s that need the most labor hours to complete.

Another element in the overall cost of clutch replacement has to do with one component in particular, the flywheel. This component usually requires machining with any clutch disc and pressure plate replacement. If the degree of damage or the design of your vehicle’s flywheel makes machining impossible, it will have to be replaced. This is true for some dual mass flywheels with multiple pieces. These particular flywheels can cost as much as $1100.00, making the overall repair very expensive.

At Palmer’s Automotive, our technicians are ASE certified in clutch diagnosis and repair. We have the skill and tools necessary to get your clutch repaired quickly using quality replacement parts that are backed by our exceptional Napa national warranty. With over 28 years of experience, we’ll get you back on the road with your clutch working the way it should.

Call, stop by, or request an appointment online when you start to notice symptoms and wonder if your car needs a clutch replacement. Let us find and fix your problem before you experience a breakdown.

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