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Coronavirus Update from Palmer’s Automotive Repair Twin Falls ID

In this episode Neil Palmer shares what they are doing to keep their customers and employees safe during this Covid-19 coronavirus lockdown. Auto repair shops are designated as essential services so Palmer’s Automotive Repair in Twin Falls is following the government guidelines. 

Neil said shop hours at Palmer’s have not changed. We’re open Monday through Friday 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM. We’ve continued to stay open for the community to provide the services they need during these difficult times.

Dave asked Neil about how people should bring their car to him. He said the scenario hasn’t changed. We’re asking customers to leave the car with us and not wait in our waiting room. That will reduce the spread of the virus so others aren’t infected. 

Shuttle rides when needed 

Neil said they do offer a shuttle ride home if needed. And we’ve made changes there. We no longer will let people sit in the front. They have to sit in the back and we’re asking them not to bring a group of people. We want to keep the social distancing that our government has asked us to do. The shuttle vehicle is cleaned every time it’s used. 

As far as the facility is concerned, each time someone comes through the shop we wipe the counters, clean the door handles and credit card machine.

We installed a hand-sanitizing dispenser right at our front door. We’re cleaning everything. constantly to make sure that no one is getting infected.

Auto repair and maintenance services are all available

Dave asked about service and repair work. Neil said nothing’s has changed there. The only thing that has changed is the freight has slowed down a little bit. What normally was taking me 24 hours to turnaround may take 48 hours. 

Neil said other than freight slow downs everything is getting done normally. Repair and maintenance work is getting done at a normal pace.

The car repair side hasn’t changed. We’re just making sure that we’re safe and our clients are safe when they do come into our facility. We’ve taken every step that we feel the government has asked us to, to keep the social distancing in place.

Customer assurance of a safe environment

We would like to reassure our customers that we’re taking every step that we can to protect them. We just ask that they would be mindful when they come to see us. We ask that they’re trying to protect us in the same way. We just need to all work together and we’ll get through this as Americans and as a whole world society.

Dave mentioned that it’s an incredible time for Idaho, our country and the world. We all need to be mindful of each other. If someone is coughing or something like that, it’s a good idea to wear that mask to protect others.

Neil said, I think as Christians and believers in Christ we have our faith and our faith tells us that we need to follow the law. When the law is telling us that we need to protect ourselves then we need to do that. We all can fall back on their faith and trust in the Lord and that we will make it through this difficult time. And we’ll be stronger in the end.

We hope this answers any question you may have. It you have any other questions or needs please feel free to call Palmer’s Automotive Repair at (208) 735-8810. If want to schedule an online appointment click here to use our website. We will get back to you to verify the date and time.

Thank you for listening and please stay safe.

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