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Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast Season One Final Episode PAC006

This is the final episode of Season One of the Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast. Our purpose for this sixth episode is to do a short review of the season and to let our listeners know this is the end of Season One.

Summers are always very busy for shops like Palmer’s Automotive Repair. Auto owners are planning and going on vacations so they want their cars serviced and ready to go. That’s the reason for ending the season here. We will resume with Season Two in the fall.

We completed 5 episodes in the season. In this final podcast episode we will do a quick review of each one. Topics covered included information about check engine lights, battery replacement, cooling system services and air conditioning maintenance.

Highlights of each of the season one episodes:

  1. Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast Introduction PAC001

  • Talked about the history of Palmer’s Automotive Repair
  • The 2016 addition of the Vehicle Service Center and Neil’s vision
  • We presented Neil’s passion for taking care of his customers
  • And finally we discussed here as we do in every episode the value of doing maintenance to save money on auto repair
  1. Solving the Mystery of the Check Engine Warning Light PAC002

  • Solving this mystery is something that Neil assures us can be done
  • It requires technicians like Neil who are educated and experienced at fixing the problems that turn on check engine lights
  • We discussed that reprogramming computers is a common way to fix many problems
  • We reminded customers that DIY repairs that aren’t done correctly can make repairs more expensive than bringing their vehicle to Palmer’s first
  • We described the operation of the check engine light to help customers understand them better
  1. Auto Battery Replacement and Testing PAC003

  • We discussed how batteries and their functions are different than previous vehicles
  • Replacement procedures must be followed precisely to avoid creating additional service expenses
  • We gave the step-by-step procedure for jump starting your vehicle
  1. Cooling System Services Reduce Auto Repair Costs PAC004

  • We described the different types of coolant and which vehicles they are used on
  • We presented the importance of replacing coolant before it causes problems because it can no longer protect the system
  • We discussed the importance of keeping the system clean to improve cooling capacity
  1. Air Conditioning Maintenance Reduces Auto Repair Expenses PAC005

  • Neil shared that air conditioning systems naturally leak Freon.
  • The key to avoiding major A/C system repairs are annual checks to catch Freon leaks before they cause problems
  • We covered all the steps performed when Palmer’s Auto does an air conditioning system service
  • And finally we discussed the cabin air filter and its importance

Conclusion of the Auto Care Podcast Season One

That’s the summary of the first five episodes of the podcast. Neil and I hope you found them helpful and informative. Our goal was to have Neil share his passion for helping auto owners save money on auto repair.

The beauty of doing this with a podcast is that you hear his voice describing what he does in his repair shop to diagnose and maintain customer vehicles. His passion comes through as he describes interactions with customers and vehicle situations.

He shares examples of vehicle problems and describes what he does to fix them. He also presents recommendations for auto owners that can prevent many car troubles or reduce the expense to fix them.

Neil and I both believe the podcast format is a great way to share information that is easy to listen to in your car or during any other type of activity. We hope giving clear explanations increase trust in Palmer’s Automotive Repair, and the automotive repair industry in general.

We enjoy doing the automotive repair and maintenance podcast episodes. We both have a passion for helping car and truck owners save money on auto repair so we share everything we believe will help that cause.

If you liked the podcast please give us a Google review. Also we would appreciate it if you would share your opinion on Apple Podcast, Google Podcast, or any platform you use to listen to the episodes.

Thanks for listening! We look forward to sharing more valuable tips next fall on the Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast.

Resources: Links to the podcast on the Palmer’s Auto Twin Falls website & Blubrry Host

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