Many vehicle owners know the smooth ride and road stability they enjoy comes from good tires, shocks and struts. The vehicle’s suspension works using these components to keep the tires on the ground when driving over bumps and while braking.

Shocks and struts serve two main purposes:

  • To reduce suspension movement over dips and bumps
  • To keep tires in contact with the road surface during braking

By reducing the movement of suspension parts the amount of wear on ball joints, control arms, and even some steering parts is decreased. This reduced wear extends the life of components and that saves you money.

What many drivers don’t realize is that the worst part about worn steering and suspension parts, like shocks and struts, is the excess wear they can cause to your car’s tires. Which one of us hasn’t felt the sting of sticker shock when it comes to replacing worn out tires with a new set of treads.

In addition to tire wear and replacement expense, worn shock absorbers and struts can interfere with your ability to stop safely. As suspension parts reduce bounce and movement over uneven road surfaces, they help the tires remain in contact with the road, which directly relates to safety when stopping. Sudden or hard braking with worn suspension parts can result in tire bounce during a full or partial skid. This can mean reduced tire contact with the road, increased stopping distance, and decreased safety.

At Palmer’s Automotive Repair, we recommend replacing your shock and struts when they start to leak oil. Regular inspections by our ASE certified mechanics means weak or seriously worn components are detected before they fail. This doesn’t just save you money; it may save your life by keep your vehicle operating safely.

Since we use quality Napa auto parts to replace your vehicle’s worn shocks and struts, you also have the benefit of our national warranty. With over 28 years of experience, we’re confident we can keep your car, truck or SUV ready to provide the safe and reliable transportation you need.

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