Why does my car battery go dead?

Is your car sounding slow to crank when you turn on the key to start it? Do your headlights seem dim, like they provide less light than they used to? Is there a dash warning light that comes on at times? Do you hear a screeching or squealing noise when starting or while driving your car? Any one of these conditions may mean you are due for an alternator replacement.

What causes my car engine to not start?

You can’t always assume it’s a bad battery when you have to jump start your car. Let us do a charging and starting diagnosis to determine what’s causing your problem. If an alternator replacement is needed, we can install a quality Napa alternator. If the problem is caused by your battery we can install a new battery. Remember batteries need replacement more frequently than alternators replacements.

Every time you bring your car or truck into Palmer’s Auto for maintenance services we always inspect it completely. We identify worn belts, weak batteries, worn hoses that may need replacement. We do these inspections because we know you expect us to let you know what needs attention. Getting stranding out in the country in Twin Falls County could mean a long wait to get help. We are always looking out for you.

Here at Palmer’s Automotive Repair our ASE Certified technicians are trained in automotive diagnostics and have the correct tools to quickly pinpoint your problem. With over 28 years of experience, we work on your car to keep your car working for you.
Call for an appointment or stop by when your vehicle begins to act up. Let us find the problem and fix it before you have to deal with an unexpected breakdown.

Palmers Auto Repair
Benefits of Palmer’s Automotive Repair service:

  • Napa Certified Auto Repair
  • Napa Auto Care Center
  • Master ASE Certified Technician
  • 24 month / 24,000 Mile National Warranty
  • Conveniently Located in Central Twin Falls
  • Shuttle Service Available
  • Accepted by Most Extended Warranty Providers

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