There are a wide variety of belts and hoses that do a variety of important jobs in the day-to-day operation of today’s cars and trucks. Belts connect and power components in your car like the water pump, alternator and camshaft timing gears. Major components like the engine or transmission are cooled by fluid carried to them in various hoses. Radiator and heater hoses move warmed coolant to the heater inside the car to warm you in winter weather.

Though made from materials that are made to stand up under extended use and exposure to the heat that happens under the hood of your car, all belts and hoses can become hard and brittle over time. Cracks and tears that start small can increase in size until a break causes the belt or hose to fail.

Serpentine belts don’t show cracks like older v-belts but they do crack and require a little closer inspection to identify cracks. These belts also wear over time due to dirt that blows on our Twin Falls County roads. Wear of serpentine belts can only be identified by using a belt gauge to measure the amount of wear.

With regular inspection during scheduled maintenance services, these problems can be caught early, before belts and hoses fail. At Palmer’s, our ASE Certified technicians are able to perform complete inspection of your vehicles belts & hoses to help you avoid a breakdown. We have over 28 years of experience to give you confidence that your vehicle will be properly inspected every time it comes to the shop.

Call or request an appointment online when your vehicle needs repair work, when it’s due for scheduled maintenance, or before you head out on a trip. With every inspection we provide a full color copy that shows any work required to belts and hoses that your vehicle needs. Our service advisor will help you prioritize the maintenance or repair work necessary to keep you on the road.

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Benefits of Palmer’s Automotive Repair service:

  • Napa Certified Auto Repair
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  • Master ASE Certified Technician
  • 24 month / 24,000 Mile National Warranty
  • Conveniently Located in Central Twin Falls
  • Shuttle Service Available
  • Accepted by Most Extended Warranty Providers

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