Palmer’s Automotive Repair offers the following Service, Repair and Diagnostics:

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Computer systems and electronic diagnostics are some of the most important services we provide. They require advanced training and equipment. Many auto owners in Twin Falls count on us to help them get their vehicle fixed when these problems arise.

Computer diagnostics electrical repairs are so common now because most vehicles have 15 to 30 onboard computers. We run into situations where we have to re-program electronic modules after replacing anti-lock components, seat heaters, batteries and heater motors.

The days of fixing your own car or truck are gone. That’s why our mechanics and technicians are ASE certified and trained to repair these electronic systems. We attend classes all year long to keep up with the new electronics in your cars and trucks.

Here are some of the services Palmer’s Automotive Repair Provides:

Automotive Diagnostics
Anti-lock Brakes Diagnostics
Battery Test or Replacement
Charging and Starting Diagnosis
Computer Diagnostics Test
Check Engine Light Diagnosis
Driveability Diagnostics
Light System Failure
Transmission Diagnosis
Wiring Systems
Electrical Systems

These Computer Diagnostics and Electrical services are provided by our ASE certified technicians and mechanics. If we can provide you with more information about any automotive diagnostics please Call us (208) 735-8810 or Email questions to us with our Contact Us form.