Have you ever wondered whether having a transmission service done on your car, truck or SUV is really that important? Anyone who has ever had to pay for a transmission replacement or repair doesn’t wonder.

They know how expensive transmission repair or replacement is and no doubt understand the value of such a service.

Many people may not know that a transmission service is the only way to extend the life of an automatic transmission. Of course, it goes without saying that you can’t expect this service to extend your transmission’s life if you abuse it with excessively heavy loads or improper operation. Still, this scheduled maintenance item is important because even regular driving conditions create wear and tear on transmissions.

So you might be wondering, how does a transmission service extend the life of my car, truck or SUV’s transmission. The answer relates to the oil that cools and lubricates all automatic transmissions.

Transmission fluid travels to the radiator to be cooled. When the temperature of the fluid is so high that the radiator can’t remove enough of the heat, the fluid becomes damaged. This damage destroys the ability of the fluid to clean and lubricate. This causes more friction in the transmission, which generates even more heat, and the potential for transmission damage starts to snowball from that point.

Changing the fluid before internal damage is done will directly extend the life of the transmission. There are two types of transmission service methods used:

  • Flushing “all” the old transmission fluid out by using new fluid to push out the old dirty fluid. This process involves connecting a machine to transmission cooler lines and does not include replacement of the filter in the transmission.
  • Draining “most” of the old fluid out to remove it. With this method, the transmission filter may be replaced, but unfortunately some of the old fluid may not drain completely out.

There are trade-offs or different benefits of one method over another. What’s important is having transmission service done when it is needed. But how do you know when it’s needed? Your best and safest resource is your vehicles owners’ manual or your trusted auto mechanic.

Be aware that recommendations vary, and it’s not that uncommon for mechanics to disagree with the interval recommended by your vehicle’s manufacturer. For example, your owner’s manual may suggest this service be done at 100,000 miles, while your mechanic recommends it at a 30,000 mile interval. Having a history of positive repair experiences with your regular repair shop can eliminate the temptation to wonder if recommending the service sooner is just a way to increase profits. When you have a trusting relationship with your mechanic, you can be confident the recommendation to have services done at an earlier interval means he believes this can provide your transmission with better protection.

Here at Palmer’s Automotive Repair, regular transmission service gives our ASE certified mechanics the opportunity to inspect for cracked hoses, worn seals, or oil leaks. We are careful to make sure that manufacturer recommended oils are used and key procedures are followed with every transmission service. With over 28 years of experience, we’re confident we can keep your vehicle’s automatic transmission functioning to keep you safe and your transportation reliable.

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