If your front wheel drive car has a clicking noise when you accelerate on turns you likely have a CV joint drive axle that needs replacement. The cause is usually due to a broken rubber boot that normally keeps the grease in the joint. The broken boot allows grease to throw out, which causes the un-lubricated joint to make noise.

Idaho roads around Twin Falls have tumble weeds and other sticks or branches because of the strong winds that blow. These sticks can puncture the rubber boot at the axle. From there it’s just a matter of time before the axle starts to make noise due to lack of lubrication.

CV joint drive axle repairs like this usually include replacement of the entire axle. You may wonder why replace the entire axle and the answer is it will cost you less money. If you remove the joint, disassemble it, and replace the bad portion of the boot the labor will cost will be more than the price of the replacement axle. Also if one boot broke the other will soon fail.

So the most economical procedure is to replace the axle with a good quality Napa part. Luckily that’s all we use at Palmer’s Automotive Repair. We back up our parts and labor with our national Napa warranty.

Our ASE certified mechanics take care to perform the CV joint drive axle replacement following manufacture procedures. With over 28 years of experience, we’re confident we can keep your vehicle giving you safe and reliable transportation.

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