What damage can engine overheating cause?

Overheating is one of the most damaging problems your vehicle can have. When your auto cooling system fails to regulate the temperature of your engine, it overheats. Major engine damage in the form of head gasket failure can be one result. This is a very expensive problem to fix. Other problems that can be caused by overheating are:

  • Radiator failure
  • Heater hose failure
  • Water pump damage
  • Possible transmission damage

While heater hose repairs are not a major expense, radiator repair, water pump replacement, or transmission repairs can be costly. Your car’s cooling system not only keeps the engine and transmission cool, but it also helps the air conditioning system to function correctly. As we mentioned on the radiator page newer cars have very thin coolant passages that can plug up easily if the coolant is not changed when it’s due.

What can I do to prevent engine overheating?

Whenever your car overheats, extra pressure is put on certain components. This can result in damage and can shorten their life. Preventive maintenance service on your auto cooling system components and having routine inspection of heater and radiator hoses can safeguard your vehicle while reducing the chance of a sudden hose failure that leads to a breakdown.

Here at Palmer’s Auto Repair our ASE Certified technicians and mechanics are trained in diagnosis and repair of automotive cooling systems and can quickly pinpoint a problem. With over 28 years of experience, we work on your car so your car works for you.

Call for an appointment or stop by if you notice an unusual or hot smell while driving, or if you see your dash temperature gauge register above normal. It is always better to find problems and correct them before you experience a breakdown.

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