Your car’s radiator performs several critical tasks that keep your vehicle running smoothly. The task most car owners know about is that it prevents engine overheating. During hot summer days, especially when driving up hills or pulling heavy loads, it’s the job of the radiator to absorb the excess heat and keep the engine within the proper temperature range. Failure of any part of your vehicles cooling system can result in major engine damage.

Another task of the radiator is to cool the transmission fluid. This means that if your cooling system overheats, the transmission fluid could become compromised. When this happens, the damaged fluid needs to be removed with a transmission fluid flush to replace overheated fluid with new. This allows your transmission to operate as it should without risk of internal damage.

You can see how important maintaining your cooling system is to proper functioning of both the engine and transmission. If the radiator or heater hoses have not had preventive maintenance they can fail and cause damage that requires expensive transmission or engine repair work. Periodic inspection of all hoses is an important element of scheduled maintenance service that can detect signs of wear or damage that could signal replacement is needed.

Radiators on cars built since 2006 and later have smaller radiators that are made with plastic. They don’t last as long as older brass radiators. The coolant passages are also much smaller than previous. When or if they get plugged because of lack of maintenance they are hard to clean. Older radiators could be sent to the radiator shop for cleaning. That is no longer an option for newer radiators.

At Palmers, our ASE Certified technicians are trained in automotive radiator and preventive maintenance. We have over 28 years of experience so you can be confident we will get you back on the road with your maintenance service done right.

Call or stop by when your vehicle starts to act up so we can find the problem and correct it before you experience a breakdown.

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