Lighting system problems on today’s vehicles can range from replacing a bulb to tracking down an intermittent wiring problem. With lightbulbs in more and more places powered by extensive wiring networks, locating a bad bulb or a loose connection has become more complicated and more expensive than ever.

Today, even the seemingly simple task of installing a new bulb can be anything but simple. The complex way many of the newer style vehicle bodies are assembled complicates lighting systems by making some bulbs very difficult to access. Part of the front bumper or grill may have to be removed in order to reach the headlamp bulb. Trunk panels may have to come out to access a rear tail light bulb. Longer disassembly and reassembly time means paying more labor hours to the technician, on top of paying more for the high-efficiency replacement bulbs now being used.

In addition, systems that electronically monitor bulb operation are commonly found on many newer vehicles. If any part of the monitoring system itself fails, inaccurate warning messages can appear alerting the driver of lighting system problems that don’t actually exist. This can also happen when a substandard replacement bulb is used instead of the manufacturer recommended replacement bulb.

Some lighting system problems are not related to electronics. Damage to plastic headlight lens covers happens with exposure to harsh cleaners or chemicals, such as those found in some automatic car washes. The “foggy” appearance, though primarily a cosmetic problem, can actually reduce visibility by reducing the amount of light that passes through the lens at night. Kits can be purchased to polish lenses, but some work better than others, especially when the lens is significantly damaged.

No matter what lighting system problems you have, Palmer’s ASE Certified technicians have the skill and tools to accurately diagnose and make proper repairs on most make and model vehicles. With over 28 years of experience, we’ll keep your vehicle lights working so you can see to drive safely.

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