Office Personnel

Elizabeth Palmer – Manager, Owner.

Elizabeth has been active in the business since it began in 1997. She has worked as the assistant manager since 2002. Having completed coursework with Automotive Training Institute (ATI) in leadership and management for shop owners, she oversees the financial management for their auto repair business. While at work she also creates invoices, gathers information on vehicle status, answers phone calls and making sure the customer lounge is comfortable and clean for customers who are waiting for their vehicles.

She sees her commitment to clear communication and customer service as the most important values she brings to the company. With a personal focus on helping senior citizens, she acknowledges it is the smile on the face of any satisfied customer that brings her personal satisfaction. Her goal is to provide excellent service that encourages loyalty in every customer.

She has also worked as a caregiver for over 10 years and is active in various women’s Bible classes at her church as well as being on an ethics committee. She enjoys music, riding bicycles, sewing, and reading. Though she has lived in Ecuador and California, her favorite things about Idaho in general and Twin Falls in particular are the people, the economic system and the variety in physical geography in the Magic Valley region and around the state.

ASE Certified Technician

Neil Palmer Jr.

Neil Palmer, Jr – Owner, Technician. Neil started the business in Twin Falls, Idaho in 1997 and has continued to focus on serving the community as the business has grown. Under his leadership, Palmer’s Automotive is able to focus on helping their customers by providing general auto repair service, brake repair, transmission service, engine repair, and auto electrical diagnosis and repair.

Neil is an ASE Certified Master technician and is able to diagnose and repair all automotive systems. He also excels in the area of check engine light diagnostics. His personal priority has always been to serve the customer’s needs. Since puzzles are one of the things he likes to tackle, he enjoys the challenge of trying to fix the “unfixable car”.

Having lived in various places like California, Oklahoma and North Dakota, Neil says he is happy to be in Idaho where he likes the outdoors and the people.  When not at work, he enjoys spending time with family, camping, fishing, or hunting.  He also enjoys being at church, building models, woodworking, or the challenge of a good puzzle.

Brian Bucklew – Technician. Brian has worked as a technician for Palmer’s since 2010. He sees his strong work ethic, dedication, and eagerness to increase his knowledge to better serve customers as the values he brings to the Palmer’s Automotive team. He enjoys the challenge of diagnosing problems on the various vehicles that come into the shop and is motivated to improve his understanding of the various systems on today’s newer cars. As he works, his goal is making sure the customer’s car leaves the shop in better shape than when it arrived with the problem correctly identified and repaired.

Brian has lived in Idaho since 2000 and enjoys the lifestyle opportunities of being an Idahoan. He has also lived in California. When not at work, he enjoys relaxing at home with family, playing video games, being outdoors hunting, fishing, riding bikes, or playing basketball, baseball, and soccer.