Coronavirus Update from Palmer’s Automotive Repair Twin Falls ID

Palmer's Automotive COVID-19 update

Neil Palmer shares what they are doing to keep their customers and employees safe during the coronavirus scare. Auto repair shops are designated as essential services and Palmer’s Automotive Repair is following the government guidelines.

Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast Season One Final Episode PAC006

Palmer's Podcast Season Final

Season One final episode of the Palmer’s Auto Care Podcast. It’s a summary of the topics covered in each episode. Topics include check engine lights, battery replacement & testing, cooling system service and A/C maintenance.

Air Conditioning Maintenance Reduces Auto Repair Expenses PAC005

Car Air Conditioning Service

All auto air conditioning systems leak Freon. Low Freon allows moisture to create acid in the system. Annual inspections can catch leaks before they cause catastrophic failures.

Cooling System Services Reduce Auto Repair Costs PAC004

Ford Mustang Cooling System

Cooling system maintenance can prevent breakdowns while driving in Twin Falls County. Engine and transmission repairs are expensive. Cooling system maintenance will protect you from major repairs.

Auto Battery Replacement and Testing PAC003

Honda Engine Compartment Battery

Car and truck batteries serve a different role on newer vehicles that are loaded with electronics. Battery replacement and repair procedures of electrical components are nothing like your father’s car.