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Catch Small Problems Early with an Air Conditioning Service

Most of us don’t think about our car’s air conditioning system until it’s not cooling. If we catch a problem soon enough by having an air conditioning service done, we may just need to have some Freon added to get it working again. If we let it go too long, components like the air conditioning compressor may be ruined.

Summer temperatures in Twin Falls ID can hit triple digits in July and August. With many of us planning time and money for vacations and recreational outings, NAPA cites air conditioning service as one of the 10 most overlooked automotive services. Being proactive before leaving on a trip may help you avoid the inconvenience and expense of needing A/C system repairs while traveling.

Palmer’s Automotive Repair can check your vehicle’s air conditioning system before you leave town. Scheduling an appointment is even more essential if it’s been years since you have had an A/C service done. Because these systems have a certain amount of natural leakage over years, keeping it inspected regularly is likely to help you avoid major air conditioning system repairs.

Air Conditioning Diagnosis Gauges

Air conditioning services reduce unexpected A/C breakdowns

Servicing your auto air conditioning system regularly will safeguard it from a major failure. A/C inspections ensure system components are functioning as designed and generally include the following:

  • Verifying movement of vent doors in the dash
  • Testing electronic and mechanical controls
  • Inspecting air conditioning compressor belt
  • Checking cooling fan operation
  • Testing air temperature at dash vents
  • Measuring Freon volume in the system
  • Visual inspection of all A/C parts

An important note for those of you with cars and trucks built in the 1990s is that the system’s seals are inferior when compared to newer model year vehicles. As a result, more Freon tends to escape and the A/C system may need inspection more frequently.

One of the most expensive air conditioning repairs is replacement of the air conditioning compressor. As it begins to fail, metal fragments and debris moves throughout the system. Even with a system flush by our professional air conditioning technicians, there may be too much damage and evaporator replacement may be unavoidable.

Charge Auto Air Conditioning

A case in point; when routine air conditioning service is delayed or missed and Freon volume falls below normal, the compressor’s oil can’t circulate properly. This places excess wear and tear on the compressor, which can reduce its service life. When you notice your A/C isn’t keeping you as cool as it used to, the fix that saves you from premature compressor failure may be as simple as recharging Freon, so don’t put off calling Palmer’s Automotive Repair to schedule maintenance service.

5 Reasons an Air Conditioning Service Makes Sense

  • Avoiding an A/C system failure when seasonal heat means you need it more
  • Saving money by catching a small problem before it becomes a big problem
  • Having work done by your repair shop that knows your vehicle’s history
  • Identify subtle symptoms of A/C system weakness you can’t detect
  • Pinpoint air conditioning problems that could affect other systems on your car

If you’re experiencing problems or you know it’s been too long since your vehicle’s last A/C service, give us a call. Our auto repair professionals ask the right questions about your vehicle’s symptoms so we can schedule the proper fix.

Depend on Palmer’s Automotive Repair in Twin Falls ID for your A/C system needs. We take pride in helping our customers stay cool with our unparalleled air conditioning service and repair work. We are located near downtown at 1811 Addison Ave E in Twin Falls.

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