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Finally! Quality control for General Motors and Ford cars and trucks is beginning to surpass the import manufacturers, some of whom have been given very poor marks for quality affecting safety issues of late.

I recently read a reprint of a Los Angeles Times article in the Idaho Statesman that points out how domestic vehicles are scoring better than some imports.  This was according to a recent J.D. Power & Associates Initial Quality Study (a tool that measures how many problems are experienced during the first 90 days of new vehicle ownership).

This is the first time in the 24 year history of that study that the U.S. Auto Industry has rated above overseas manufacturers in ranking.  The article quotes J.D. Power’s vice president of global vehicle research, David Sargent, as saying “This is a landmark in the quality history of the auto industry.”

Why has this change taken so long to arrive?  I can only imagine it must have been that leadership in GM, Ford and Chrysler didn’t feel much threat from import vehicles that came ashore.

Maybe this will help us turn around one sector of our sagging economy.  As domestic car manufacturers improve the quality of their products, more Americans will have renewed confidence about buying American. Great News for consumers who really want to buy American without having to sacrifice quality!

It’s also welcome news that owning a better quality domestic car or pickup truck will save us money on auto repair and maintenance.  With consumer confidence to give the economy a boost, more Americans many find they have the money available to spend on recommended maintenance and scheduled services.  That will be welcome news for repair shops like Palmer’s NAPA Auto Care Center as they find themselves with less repair work needed on newer, more reliable cars having fewer breakdowns.

And if you’re waiting to upgrade and still driving an older vehicle, American made or import, that needs TLC, support your local economy by giving repair shops like Palmer’s the chance to show you the quality of their work.

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