Automotive Repair Services We Offer at Palmer’s Automotive in Twin Falls:

Palmer's Auto Shop4 Wheel Drive Repair
Air Conditioning and Heating Service
Brake Repair Service
Clutch Repair Service
Drivetrain Repairs
Diesel Repair and Service
Engine Intake Gaskets
Head Gaskets
Engine Overhaul Rebuilding
Exhaust System Repair
Fuel Injection System Diagnosis
Fuel Injection System Repair
Power Steering Repair
Pre-purchase Car Truck Inspections
Heater and Radiator Hoses
Radiator Service and Replacement
Shock Absorbers and Struts
Towing Service Calls
Transfer Case Repair
Differential Repair
Transmission Service
Transmission Repair or Replacement
Water Pump Replacement

Four wheel drive systems are crucial for may drivers in Twin Falls County. Winter driving in Idaho requires good traction for icy roads. Recreational driving in the mountains also requires 4 wheel drive in some conditions. We service and repair the entire drivetrain system and cars and trucks.

Clutch replacement usually only needs to be done once in the life of a car or truck with a manual transmission. It’s a big job that requires special equipment. We install complete clutch kits and replace all parts needed so you can count on driving for extended miles without needing another repair.

Engine repair, fuel injection services, power steering maintenance and repair are all part of the services we provide.

These Automotive Repair Services are provided by our ASE certified technicians and mechanics in Twin Falls. If we can provide you with more information please Call us (208) 735-8810 or Email questions to us with our Contact Us form.