How to Avoid Premature Fuel Filter Replacement


Many drivers may be unaware that doing certain things can reduce or prevent the need for fuel filter replacement before the manufacturer recommended interval. Who wouldn’t want to know how to avoid adding this expense to their vehicle maintenance and repair budget earlier than expected? If that sounds like something of interest to you, then keep reading.

fuel-filterFuel Filter Replacement Intervals

To begin with, it is important to understand that fuel filter placement varies from one make and model vehicle to another. Vehicles designed with the filter outside the gas tank will usually have a recommended maintenance replacement interval between 30,000 to 90,000 miles. Vehicles that don’t list a replacement interval may have filters inside the fuel pump module within the fuel tank. If your vehicle filters fuel through a fuel pump module, a restricted or clogged filter means the entire module must be replaced. The increased labor time and part cost makes this filter replacement repair more expensive.

The fuel filter’s purpose is to capture and remove contaminants and impurities from the gas you put in your gas tank. This means clean fuel can be delivered to the engines injectors used to make your car run. Over time, fuel filter replacement becomes necessary as contaminants restrict the flow of fuel to the engine.

gasingCarExtend Fuel Filter Life

Now we‘ll outline those “simple things” you can do to limit your fuel filter’s exposure to contaminants:

  • Avoid gassing up your car when a tanker truck is filling the station’s storage tanks
  • Avoid purchasing fuel from smaller, older stations in remote areas

While most gas stations provide clean fuel to pump into your gas tank, all fuel storage tanks collect sediment over time. This settles to the bottom and is stirred up when a fuel tanker truck adds fuel to the tank. Fuel pumped into your car’s tank during station refueling is contaminated with this increased amount of sediment, which your vehicle’s filter will have to capture and remove from the fuel delivered to the engine. Anything you can do to limit the sediment in your vehicle’s fuel will make early fuel filter replacement less likely.

If your summer vacation destination involves travel through remote or unfamiliar areas, try to plan for refueling in more populated areas whenever possible. Old or small gas stations are more likely to have older in-ground fuel tanks that may have moisture, rust or other sediment that can unfortunately be passed to your vehicle. No one wants to add the expense or inconvenience of vehicle maintenance or repair to a vacation itinerary.

Your Trusted Source for Automotive Maintenance Services

If your summer plans include road travel, why not verify whether scheduled maintenance for your vehicle includes fuel filter replacement before you get on the road out of town. At Palmers Automotive Repair, we can provide all your maintenance and repair needs with reliable and reasonably priced service. Call for an appointment today or visit us online to request an appointment. Let us ready your vehicle for uninterrupted travel to your summer destination.

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